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Our vision is satisfied customers and business partners who perceive us as a true specialist, professional and innovator in the electronics industry, with tradition, good availability, a large selection of goods and high qualityservices.

Datart in numbers

2 800


24 127

annual turnover

109 400



DATART and ETA stores

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Who we are

32 years of history

The DATART GROUP consists of purely Czech companies with a history that goes back thirty two years. It is the largest retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The group’s portfolio includes the brands DATART, ETA
and e-shops Kasa.cz and HEJ.sk. It employs more than 2,800 people.

ETA – 75 years of tradition.

In addition to our own network of stores and e-shops, we also develop our own products under the traditional Czech brand ETA, which has been equipping households with appliances for more than 75 years.

We pay great attention to the design of our products. We follow trends in our country and around the world and offer innovative solutions that make our products work in every home. In addition, the high technical and utility value of ETA products is ensured by our own home appliance testing facility and a team of experts with many years of experience.


datart logistics



109 400



DATART and ETA stores

150 000

orders per day

109,400 m2 of modern warehouse space

The DATART GROUP operates 6 modern warehouses, from which it covers deliveries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. We are therefore able to quickly and efficiently deliver products between our companies and improve customer service.

modern technology inside our warehouse in Jirny, Prague
Opera packaging machine in Jirny, Prague

Opera – the unique packaging machine

The machine features a patented method for cutting carton to fit goods, thereby ensuring low material consumption and minimal waste. In addition, it cuts scrap carton into small pieces, which are later used as filler material for fragile goods.

Up to 150,000

orders per day

Modern technologies in the warehouse in Jirny allow us to dispatch up to 13,000 products per hour.

Logistics and distribution for Central Europe

With its distribution network, DATART GROUP not only supplies its own brands, but also distributes goods to partners in Central Europe. By using automation and digitalization, we are able to maximise the efficiency and speed of logistics.

datart group brands

The DATART GROUP operates a network of DATART and ETA retail stores and the respective online stores of these brands. It also operates a traditional online store Kasa.cz. Last but not least, it conducts wholesale sales, which are supported by PROTON leaflet promotions.

In Slovakia, the operator of the network of retail stores and the DATART brand online store is ELEKTROSPED a.s. (hereinafter referred to as „ELEKTROSPED“). It also operates the online shop HEJ.sk.

A leading retailer focused on consumer electronics. A wide selection of products and high quality services are a matter of course. You can shop in one of our many stores or in our DATART.cz and DATART.sk e-shops, where trained electrical specialists will be happy to advise you on your choice.

ETA is a traditional Czech brand of small household appliances, which has been on the market since 1943. Brand recognition among Czech consumers is 96%, with the terms “tradition” and “quality” considered synonymous with it, which make it one of the most recognised brands on the market.

As an accredited Euronics partner, we are part of an extensive global network of top premium electronics retailers in 35 countries.

people and society

Company management

The DATART GROUP has a dualistic internal structure. Its governing bodies are the General Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and the Strategic Management Committee. The Strategic Steering Committee is the main operational decision-making body and consists of a strategic board which is made up of the executive directors of the DATART GROUP.

perfect electrical specialist services

Since our establishment, we have built a stable position in the consumer electronics market. We pride ourselves on creating long-term and loyal relationships with our customers who expect the best advice on appliance selection, as well as high quality services, which are guaranteed far beyond the electrical specialists in our stores.