what we do

perfect electrical specialist services

We innovate
customer service 

We make sure that all our services are excellent. Our strengths lie in our unique multi-channel sales model, which combines retail and online channels, and takes advantage of the synergies that exist between them.

Home delivery

Sophisticated in-house transport ensures convenience and unbeatable prices for our customers.

  • we take the product through the front door
  • we install and demonstrate
  • we take away packaging and old appliances
  • we provide a money-back guarantee

Express collection and delivery

Our strengths lie in our unique multi-channel sales model. With the RYCHLART service, for example, customers can collect their goods at their nearest store within 30 minutes of ordering.

Since summer 2022, we guarantee express home delivery within 1 hour.

Installation services

We offer our customers a wide range of installation services, such as the installation of built-in appliances and stoves, TV wall mounting, Smart TV installation, installation and setup of new devices in-store or remotely, installation of protective film, and more.

Expert consultancy

The fourth key service for our customers is consulting, also called CHYTRART. It offers customers expert advice from electrical specialists on product selection, both in stores and on the web. This is always done intelligibly and with the human touch.

Always close by

3 customer centres

From Brno, Prague and Zlín, we carefully take care of customers from all our e-shops

6 modern warehouses

Logistics centres cover deliveries for our companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad

Dense network of stores

DATART stores are accessible within a 30-minute commute for almost 70% of the Czech population


DATART and ETA stores

DATART electronics stores
ETA brand stores

Modern logistics with express delivery

We deliver. We install. We demonstrate.

We deliver the shipment to customers at the time of their choice, even on weekends. We take the product to any floor, install it and even demonstrate how it works. If necessary, we take away the old appliance and packaging.

Up to 3,000 shipments

a day are delivered directly to your homes

We deliver thousands of shipments daily. We are able to deliver most products next day. For selected products, even within 60 minutes of ordering.

We upgrade ordinary sales to customer care

One of the most important goals of the training concept within the DATART GROUP is to set up all processes within the company so that we can achieve a state where all the services we provide to our customers are excellent.



High level of customer satisfaction

The high level of customer satisfaction is also evidenced by our NPS (Net Promoter Score), which has long been above 80. The NPS expresses the degree to which customers are willing to recommend services related to shopping in DATART shops and e-shops to acquaintances, with the customer giving a rating on a scale of 0-10 based on the questionnaires sent.

We grow with customer trust

The high level of customer satisfaction is also confirmed by the many awards that the DATART GROUP has received.

11x Trader of the Year

15x Shop of the Year

9x Most Trusted Brand

15x Product of the Year for ETA

People & culture

People first

Our goal is motivated employees who are experts in their field and who have a professional, empathetic and excellent customer-oriented approach not only to customers, but also to their colleagues.