Social responsibility

People to people

3 pillars of support

Sustainable development is one of our top priorities. We are a socially responsible company that takes its commitments to the environment, people and business seriously. We have set priorities in these areas that we focus on and see as opportunities to positively impact employees, communities and the environment. Our strengths lie in our unique multi-channel sales model, responsible business practices and human approach.


supported projects

3 500 000

we donate to socially responsible projects every year

500 000

of waste collected for recycling
from our customers per year

environmental approach

Greener packaging

We pack our goods in an economical, environmentally friendly way. Our Opera packing machine cuts carton according to the size of the goods and uses the waste to create filler for the shipping box so that the goods do not get damaged.

Collection and recycling

We collect unused electrical appliances from our customers and ensure their ecological disposal. In all our stores, people can hand in unused batteries, light bulbs and small electronic goods. By doing so, we make sure that they do not end up in landfill.

Greener driving

As part of the DOPRAVART service, we deliver larger goods to customers. We drive ecologically and economically, optimise transport routes, monitor the amount of emissions and, when possible, cycle to work.

social support

Employee training

We are constantly learning and teaching each other. Each of us is an expert in something. By sharing information and experience, we grow in different areas. The more we know, the better we can advise our customers.

Sound code of ethics

We follow common rules of behaviour, conduct and mutual consideration. We are bound by ethical principles in our relationships with our colleagues, customers and all partners. Our corporate values are proactivity, consistency, transparency, sense of purpose and teamwork.

Promotion of sport

We like sports. Most of us actively participate in sports, with the company encouraging us to do so through company benefits. We support sports activities for children and young people and strive to ensure that children have a positive relationship with sport and a healthy way of life.

DATART for people

We have our own programme for supporting non-profit organisations, under which we allocate financial support twice a year to those in difficult life situations. DATART FOR PEOPLE helps where it is needed.

Projects supported by us in 2021

Nadační fond Kulíšek



Sociální služby města Doksy

Cesta domů

Rozum a Cit

Charita Uherský Brod

Krajská nemocnice Tomáše Bati

Turistické informační centrum Valtice

Pečovatelská služba Praha

Borůvka Praha

Diakonie Ostrava

Zdravotní ústav PAHOP

Oblastní charita Strakonice


Světlo autismu Ostrava

strategic pillar

For us, business is not just data and numbers. First and foremost, business is about people, relationships and stories. We aim to be a responsible leader in sustainability, diversity, green delivery and community support.

Equal opportunities for all

The management of DATART GROUP is continuously building an organisation that gives employees the opportunity to engage in dialogue and share ideas for improving company processes. It provides a healthy and safe work environment for them.

Sustainability in the supply chain

We make sure that our suppliers and partners respect a responsible approach to business, corporate culture and life, just as we do. We use each other’s experience and ideas to strengthen sustainability in many areas.

Sustainable growth

Our priority is to fulfill the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and positively encourage our own employees, communities and surroundings to adopt a responsible approach. By automating and digitizing processes, we want to be a fast and reliable supplier of goods to our customers.

People & culture

People first

Our goal is motivated employees who are experts in their field and who have a professional, empathetic and excellent customer-oriented approach not only to customers, but also to their colleagues.